Welcome to the I.S. 528 Dance ProgramDance is Diversity, Dance is Expression, Dance is Inspiration
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Below are additional sites that you will need to help you in your study of dance.
  • Ms. Brown's Dance Blog: http://browndanceprogram.blogspot.com/. Dancers-It is suggested you create a google account to use the Dance Blog and complete your Blog Assignments.
  • Student Portfolio Pages: Videos may be seen using the portfolio tabs to the right (samples of student dance work). These will be updated (TBA).
  • Pupilpath: Our school wide grading system where you can view student grades for dance class. Please ask Ms. Brito or your Advisor for your Registration Codes!
  • The I.S. 528 Beehive: http://528beehive.weebly.com
  • Ms. Brown's Student Pinterest Boards: Where students can find research boards for projects and use for additional dance projects.
  • Prezi Slideshows: Prezi is like powerpoint but much more fun. Prezi may be used for specific dance projects. Take a look at an example about Merce Cunningham and Paul Taylor Dance Companies.

6th Grade Parents: Ms. Brown is part of the 6th Grade Parent Engagement Team. Please also use the 6th Grade Parent Engagement Website:

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