Dance Awards

End of Year Dance Awards
Student Nominees
Dance Award Rules & Information:

  • Students will vote for 1 student nominee from their class for the “End of Year Dance Awards”.
  • Each student in the class may vote 1 TIME only and place the voting ballet in the Envelope.
  • Awards will be given out toward the end of the school year in our closing classes.

Dance Star of the Year:
This student is someone who has followed the path toward dance star during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Marking Periods.

Most Improved (Participation & Behavior):
This student is someone who has made strong efforts to improve their level of participation in dance as well as their behavior in dance from September until now.

Strongest Performance Quality:

This student has made efforts in each performance (in class and outside of class) to share a strong performance quality with the audience.

Leadership/Creativity w/ Choreography:

This student is someone who has made strong efforts within choreography projects, either as a dance director or dancer/choreographer. They have shown leadership, teamwork, and use of creative thought!